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Old Kenner Star Wars Toys for Sale!
Welcome to Tatooine Toyland and e-StarWars.com
Power of the Force Figures

Power of the Force Action Figures

Introducing vintage Kenner Power of the Force figures for sale from the 1980's.

Return of the Jedi 3¾" Figures Loose Kenner Baggie Carded
A-Wing Pilot
Shop Now
  Amanaman $135.00
  Anakin Skywalker $55.00
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Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber)
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Imperial Dignitary
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  Imperial Gunner $95.00
  Lando General Pilot $95.00
  Luke Battle Poncho $110.00
  Luke Stormtrooper $165.00
  R2-D2 (pop-up lightsaber)
  Romba $55.00
Please note: All loose figures come complete in C8+ or better condition complete with weapons and accessories.

Jawa The icon means that the toy is wanted and is currently not available. Contact us so we can list the wanted item and at the same time help you sell your toys.

star wars collectibles

star wars collectibles

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